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MicroLogix 1100 Expansion I/O


The MicroLogix 1100′s base I/O can be expanded using 1762 I/O modules. In this article we’ll describe the details of how this is accomplished. On the right side of the front of a MicroLogix 1100 you’ll find a removable plastic cover covering the battery compartment as well as the 1762 I/O expansion port. The first step in adding 1762 ... Read More »

MicroLogix 1100 Installation and Mounting


The MicroLogix 1100 use to come with an extensive installation document referred to as, “installation instructions.” However, these days it seems the best way to get a copy of that document is electronically from Rockwell’s website HERE. While these “installation instructions” cover many different topics, in this blog article I’ll be focusing ... Read More »

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100

MicroLogix 1100 LCD

In 2005, eleven years after the original MicroLogix was released, and five years after the previous model launched, Rockwell introduced the MicroLogix 1100. This new MicroLogix represented many firsts for the MicroLogix line, including Online Editing, Ethernet communications, and an LCD display built into the front of the unit. The MicroLogix 1100 did come equipped with the same  an 8 ... Read More »

How to get a free copy of RSLogix Emulate 500


Free is good One of the best kept Rockwell secretes is for the last few years they have offered RSLogix Emulate 500 for free. With this software, you can test your SLC-500 or MicroLogix programs right on your PC, without the need to connect to a physical unit. And Emulate ... Read More »

How to speed up RSLinx Classic installs

RSLinx Classic Setup

A need for speed… Here in the Northeast, in the current climate of running lean and mean, time is a precious commodity. So when setting up a new computer with Rockwell Software, anything that can help save time, no matter how small, is well worth remembering. And since RSLinx Classic ... Read More »

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