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The PanelView 5000: What We Know So Far

The PanelView 5000 as shown at RSTechED 2012

The PanelView 5000 was first previewed at Rockwell’s Automation Fair 2011, but not much was being said about it at the time. In fact so little was being said, they wouldn’t even tell us the name of the software package which programmed it. From Automation Fair 2011 to RSTechED 2012 Fast forward several ... Read More »

The PanelView 800: What we know so far


I’m a long time user and fan of Rockwell’s HMI’s, going all the way back to the original PanelView (1200) and beyond. So whenever I hear that a new Allen-Bradley PanelView is coming, I can’t help but want to know more. In the case of the PanelView 800, while I’ve heard ... Read More »

MicroLogix 1400 Expansion I/O


The MicroLogix 1400′s base I/O can be expanded using 1762  I/O modules. In this article we’ll describe the details of how this is accomplished. The right front of the MicroLogix 1400 has a small cover over top of a 1762 I/0 expansion port, and the first step in adding 1762 I/O to a MicroLogix 1400 is to power ... Read More »

MicroLogix 1400 Installation and Mounting


The MicroLogix 1400 has an extensive installation document referred to as “installation instructions” which you can obtain electronically from Rockwell’s website HERE. While these “installation instructions” cover many different topics, in this blog article I’ll be focusing on the installation and mounting of the controller itself. To allow for installation in the ... Read More »

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400


In 2008, forteen years after the original MicroLogix 1000 was released, and three years after the MicroLogix 1100, Rockwell introduced the MicroLogix 1400. This new micro PLC built on the success of the MicroLogix 1100, expanding on the built-in I/O count as well as the number of expansion modules supported. Featuring 32 digital I/O, 6 optional analog I/O, and support for any seven 1762 expansion ... Read More »

Flashback Friday! RSView32 Star Trek Menu’s Demo


Welcome to The Automation Blog’s “Flashback Friday!” Today I’m highlighting an RSView32 project I wrote to make RSView32 look like the Star Trek LCARS computer system. In 2001 an engineer told me the story about how one of his clients wanted him to create a SCADA project with menu’s that looked like the ... Read More »

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