Basics of Automation Kickstarter

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MicroLogix 1500 Expansion I/O


The MicroLogix 1500′s base I/O can be expanded using the popular line of 1769 expansion I/O, also known as Compact I/O. In this article we’ll describe the details of how this is accomplished. The right side of the MicroLogix 1500 I/O base is equipped with a 1769 expansion I/O port. Out of the box ... Read More »

MicroLogix 1500 Installation and Mounting


As seen on The Automation Minute earlier this week, the MicroLogix 1500 comes with an extensive installation document. That document is also available electronically on the manufacturer’s website HERE. While these “installation instructions” cover many different topics, in this blog article I’ll be focusing on the installation and mounting of the controller. To ... Read More »

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500


In 1999, five years after the launch of the MicroLogix 1000, the first entry in Rockwell’s second generation of MicroLogix family was released. The MicroLogix 1500 was substantially different from the MicroLogix 1000 in many ways, the most obvious being the fact that it’s Processor was removable from the I/O base. Also unlike ... Read More »

MicroLogix 1200 Expansion I/O


The MicroLogix 1200′s base I/O can be expanded using 1762  I/O modules. In this article we’ll describe the details of how this is accomplished. The right front of the MicroLogix 1200 has a small cover over top of a 1762 I/0 expansion port, and the first step in adding 1762 I/O to a MicroLogix 1200 is to power ... Read More »

Off today following another passion…


Today The Automation Blog won’t have it’s usual Friday post as I’m off following another passion this weekend… Not that I’ve really had any time to commit to it over the last 12 months, but it’s a passion as old as my passion for programming. So what is it? Gaming ... Read More »

Basics of Automation Kickstarter

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