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Flashback Friday! RSView32 Menu Bar Demo


Welcome to The Automation Blog’s “Flashback Friday!” Today I’m highlighting an RSView32 project I wrote to demo different ways to create top and bottom menu bars in RSView32. In 2001, long before FactoryTalk View would be upgrade with the “docking” feature, I received many questions on how to best implement a persistent top and/or ... Read More »

Using the MicroLogix 1400′s LCD To Set Its IP Address


The MicroLogix 1400′s LCD, unlike the MicroLogix 1100′s, can be used to set the unit’s IP Address. In today’s article we’ll show you the steps to do just that. Setting the IP Address of a MicroLogix 1400 using the built-in LCD: 1) When the MicroLogix 1400 is powered on, it displays the I/O Status screen as shown below: ... Read More »

Using the MicroLogix 1400′s LCD To Enable Default Comms


The MicroLogix 1400′s LCD display allows access to many of it’s features and functions. In today’s article, we show you how to use it to enable channel 0′s default communication settings. NOTE: When “Default Comms” is enabled, the MicroLogix 1400′s Channel 0 serial port is toggled back to the factory default ... Read More »

FactoryTalk View Site Edition Version 8 Released!


Rockwell Automation just released the latest version of its FactoryTalk View product. Without any fanfare FactoryTalk View Site Edition Version 8 became available for download last week. This was a pleasant surprise to many of Rockwell’s own employees and distributors who had expected the product to come out much later in the year. But even better than an early release ... Read More »

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