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MicroLogix Communication Protocol Support

MicroLogix Family Featured Image

In today’s article we’ll review the communication protocols supported by all the models and series of Allen-Bradley MicroLogix programmable controllers. MicroLogix 1000 Protocol Support: Channel 0: Series A: DF1 Respond Only Series B: Same as series A Series C & Analog: DF1 Full Duplex, DF1 Half Duplex Slave, DH-485 The MicroLogix 1000′s single serial ... Read More »

MicroLogix Communication Ports


In today’s article we’ll review the communication ports found on the Allen-Bradley series of MicroLogix programmable controllers. MicroLogix 1000 Communication Port:   Channel 0: 8 Pin Mini-Din The MicroLogix 1000 includes a single RS-232 serial port for communications. This port is an 8 Pin Mini-Din style. To convert this communications port from RS-232 to RS-485, an ... Read More »

Flashback Friday! RSView32 RSWater 3.5 Demo

RSView32 RSWater

Welcome to The Automation Blog’s “Flashback Friday!” Today I’m highlighting an updated version of Rockwell’s “RSView32 Water” demo. In 2004 a Water/Waste Water client from a local engineering firm approached me looking for a good RSView32 demo. He needed something specific to his industry, and so I showed him Rockwell’s excellent RSWater demo. After giving him the tour, ... Read More »

Automation Fair 2014 Sessions: My Picks

Automation Fair-2011 Featured Image

Automation Fair 2014 is just over a month away, and if there’s any chance you’ll be attending I suggest that now is the time to start making your plans. Especially since there are so many sessions to choose from, with this year’s event including 99 Technical Presentations, 18 Workshop Demonstrations, and 18 Hands-on labs. While ... Read More »

Flashback Friday! RSView32 Reporting Hands-On Labs

RSView32 Reporting

Welcome to The Automation Blog’s “Flashback Friday!” Today I’m highlighting my “RSView32 Reporting Hands-On Labs” document covering several different ways to create reports in RSView32. In 2001 clients often asked how to create reports using RSView32. But, with several unique options available, it could be a challenge to determine which was the best fit. With that in mind, in ... Read More »

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