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Show Floor Pictures from Automation Fair 2014


In today’s article I’m posting pictures from the floor of Automation Fair 2014 First up: I thought the Informational Software booth with overhead displays was impressive: I also thought the mock control room was very well done: Many of the booths also sported large touchscreens like the one pictured below: Some of the smaller ... Read More »

Pictures from Automation Fair 2014


In today’s article I’m giving a picture tour of Automation Fair 2014 We start our picture tour with a look at the entrance of the Anaheim, CA Convention Center: As we approach, we find these two huge signs above the main entrance: Inside, we’re reminded to grab a copy of the Automation Fair ... Read More »

Follow Me On Social Media At Automation Fair 2014

Automation Fair Featured Image

Rockwell’s Automation Fair 2014 is happening this week on Wednesday and Thursday in Anaheim, CA. And this year I’ll be making a concerted effort to post pictures and news from the show floor on both Facebook and Twitter. - You can follow me on Facebook at, - And you can ... Read More »

Automation Fair Requests?

Automation Fair Show Floor Entrance

Would you like me to take a picture or ask a question on your behalf? With Automation Fair 2014 quickly approaching, I wanted to reach out to you the readers of The Automation Blog to see if there are any questions you’d like me to ask, or any products you’d like me ... Read More »

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